Are There Good Food Substitute Options for Chips and Dip?

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Good substitute for chips and dip, yes there are. Okay you want to look for baked tortilla chips or popped tortilla chips those are much lighter in fat they are lower in calories. When it comes to dip, you could make my onion dip which is fine but that's kind of complicated if you just want to go to the store and pull something off the shelf, stick with salsa.

Salsa has about 10 calories a serving, it's totally fat free, its good for you, great with chips. Now if you want to experiment and make your own dips at home, you can do two ingredient dips, you can take Greek yogurt or fat free sour cream and mix some with salsa you can make a nice dip out of Greek yogurt and maybe onion soup mix.

You can play around, as long as you have the ingredients in your fridge, see what happens.