What Are Some Recent Breakthroughs in Gastroenterology?

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You are seeing a lot of different aspects of faecal transplant for management of a lot of different diseases. We're seeing a lot of benefit in the management of Clostridium difficile which is an infection that you can get from antibiotic used in the hospital. There is some trials on obesity and faecal transplant. So, that's made some big impact in management of some really life threatening infections, and then in general, with endoscopy and colonoscopy developing better and better imaging techniques, and therapies within that so that we're able to manage liasons endoscopically as opposed to surgically.

The other new thing is doing surgery through the endoscopy, so that taking out gall bladders out and apendectomies within using going through the mouth or the anus, and not making abdominal surgery, so that's the POEMs type surgery or NOTE surgery.