How Can I Avoid Getting Sick From Bacteria While Swimming?

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You really shouldn't be trying not to float too much of pool water or sea water, don't eat really close to the pool because even though chlorine in the pool you never know if the chlorine load is high enough for any other problems that might be going on, people that might be sick with diarrhoea illnesses that are swimming and the ocean depending on where it's near, if it's near a sewage plant or an industrial area it's possible it could have bacteria and you shouldn't swim with an open wound either so obviously if you're ill you shouldn't go to the ocean and swim and you shouldn't go to a pool if you're sick with some kind of stomach virus or flu or diarrhea illness, if you have an open wound, you should consider maybe not swimming, or making sure that it has a clean sterile dressing that's completely waterproof if you're immune's compromised it all and you might he some open wounds you should really reconsider swimming or going to the ocean.

Another thing to keep in mind when you're at the beach if you're going to eat at the beach try not to get a lot of sand in your food, be careful, wash your hands a lot if you're playing in the sand and likewise, once you go home from the beach, because there is bacteria in the sand, you need to take a good shower with soap and water.