When Does a Lack of Libido Mean a Medical Problem?

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It's a problem no woman wants to admit - your husband doesn't want to have sex with you any more. But it's usually not about loss of attraction or your relationship. Usually, it's that he has a medical problem. I'm back with gynecologist Dr. Lawrence Striker to talk about three serious medical conditions that affect men, and if I could ask you to please send the kids out of the room, because this is going to be a frank discussion.

So Dr. Striker. How often do women aged 40 and over come into your busy practice, complaining or acknowledging that their husband or their spouse or partners don't want to sex anymore? Not nearly often enough because we know it's out there and in fact some studies show that up to 75% of men have sexual dysfunction problems particularly if they had a heart attack, but they are not talking about it, they are not even admitting it to themselves.

75% is a big number what of the medical condition problems that you think that we might be worrying about and might not know about? I think the main thing is that number one they usually do have a medical condition and I think the guys really need to know that, and if the relationship is good life is good and this is what is really key.

If sex used to be good and then it's not and if it's not explainable by anything else going on in their life, they should really assume that there's a medical condition their until proven otherwise. So the guy needs to know it's not their fault there's more like than not that's there's something going on.