What should I do to prepare for a gynecologist appointment?

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All you need to do is show up on time, going to the gynecologist is truly a come as you are party and there's nothing you need to do to prepare, a shower in 24 hours before you come is always nice we appreciate that. But the biggest mistake women make is they think they have to prepare and they do all this crazy stuff you know they go and get a wax and then make sure they've gotten a pedicure and they shave their legs and believe me I am not looking, I do not care no gynecologist cares and I understand because people get really self conscious when we're that closeup but we're really not looking, we're really not noticing, just show up, don't douch, take a shower.

What's interesting is a lot of women prefer morning appointments because they feel fresher and cleaner. A woman who's coming after work, I know she's particularly self conscious and the way I know that is she spends about 20 minutes in the bathroom before she even gets into the exam room and when you're in there you don't need to go overboard.

I can't tell you how many times I've found a little strip of toilet paper that's hanging off someone's butt from that kind of overdoing it in the bathroom before, you might want to hold off on gassy foods though. I mean there's no question that when you're in that vulnerable position, if you've been eating some stuff that doesn't always doesn't always agree with you, there may be a little bit gas released and honestly it happens all the time and the gynaecologist barely even notices but it makes you feel so uncomfortable that you'll have a more positive experience at the gynaecologist if that doesn't happen.