What Is Douching?

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Douche is a French for shower. The difference between a shower and a douche is that douching is a shower for the inside of the vagina and ladies I've got to tell you, the vagina is self cleaning. Do not douche, ever, under any circumstances. If you feel like you've got an oduor you need to address, why you have the oduor, instead of trying to rinse it away, in addition to the fact that it doesn't help for more than about 5 seconds, it actually can cause problems.

We know women that douche on a regular basis, dry out the tissues of the vagina, alter the pH of the vagina, which makes them prone to certain infections, and we even know that women that douche have a much higher rate of pelvic inflammatory disease which can be dangerous and lead to infertility.

Do not douche never, ever, ever.