What Increases My Risk for Acute Diarrhea?

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There are many things that can cause acute diarrhea, and I think most people are familiar with is that you just ate something that didn't agree with you, and in pregnancy this is particularly of concern because if someone is having diarrhea number one they can get dehydrated much more quickly than they ordinarily would, and the other is that if someone is having a lot of diarrhea and getting dehydrated as a result of it.

This can even cause pre-term labor or increase to someone having pre-term delivery. So that occasional bout of diarrhea is really nothing to be concern about but if it's coming and it's not stopping, you need to call your doctor sooner rather than later, and when they are pregnant take vitamins and as a result of a lot of women become constipated, so they try to counteract the constipation with using stool softeners and sometimes they go a little bit too far and end up with some pretty nasty diarrhoea.

In addition, you've got a big uterus filled with baby, sitting on the bowel and sometimes that's going to make things a little bit looser as well.