What Can I Do If I Feel Pain During Sex?

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It really depends what's causing the pain, and the most important thing is that intercourse should never be painful, and the most common cause to painful sex is generally a lack of lubrication, and there are three different types of things women can do to get rid of the Xian paper sex feeling.

Number one is, you need the right lubricant, and what most women tend to use a water soluble lubricant because that's what they find at the corner drug store, they are generally much better of with the silicon base lubricant. There're a number of products that you can find on the internet, and the advantage of the silicon base lubes is that they tend to last longer, they're more slippery and they are not so gloppy.

The second thing that someone can do is to use a long acting moisturizer such as a cleanse and [UNKNOWN] is the only moisturizer that has been clinically proven to prevent vaginal dryness and in many cases This is works as well as the Ageno estrogen which is the third option.

Someone may do need to use a prescription of Ageno estrogen product, but of question is to get from their doctor. But there are a lot of options out there including creams [UNKNOWN].