Toilet Paper

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Next of out of this, what are you dying to know? Dr. Oz, I wanna to know when I unexpectedly get my period, is it okay to use toilet paper instead of a tampon when I don't have a tampon available? [LAUGH] Toilet paper how, like, [LAUGH] Where are you putting that toilet paper? Just the regular toilet paper in the bathroom, and roll it up, until you make it look like tampon, but it's not a tampon, just before I find a tampon available.

You all look like this doesn't happen. Women are like they're getting out of plane, they're wearing white, that's where people do desperate things. So this turns out more often than you think. I am curious care about where the toilet paper going? I'm going to tell you. [LAUGH] Is this a mistake or not because here, [SOUND] oh maybe.

And there comes back to the question that where is it going. As long as it stays on the outside, if you're just doing a makeshift pad, it is fine. You fold it up multiple times, you're using it as a pad and so you can get to something else, but you don't want to put inside you like a tampon, and the reason is, even though it looks like it's really firm, the minute it gets moist it's going to fall apart and there's no way you're going to get it all out of you.

So you can have little bits of paper inside your vagina which is not a good thing, bacteria, irritation, don't do it. So there's no more reason to roll it up like a tampon? Well no, you should fold it over multiple times, make it like a little pad. We're all clear on this before it gets more graphic.

Take one of your work out socks, works better. [LAUGH] Is that what you do, workout socks? I'm talking desperate. In the old days they didn't have disposable napkins and tampons and they used socks. Oh, I love that idea. And the day that scar little Harry, I think they went to the Scot store, what campus? That sucks, we should get it all out.

Sure. Yeah, don't put it in, put it out. I'll put it on the outside. [LAUGH] I thought you're getting a sock.