Sex Before an Exam

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What's going on on your mind? Well, sometimes Dr. Oz, I'm a little bit busy, I'm busy mom, busy wife, and sometimes you have to have sex while you can fit it in and I was just wondering, is it okay to have sex the night before my juan/g exam. Oh. You must see that fair or not. >>[LAUGH] Well, let's ask the question.

Whether the sex night before the [UNKNOWN] Juan/g exam, is it a mistake? Maybe, actually, I thought it was going to be a mistake. It depends on why you are going. If you are going for your annual exam, and you need to get your pap smear, it's not a great idea. And the reason it's not that it's going to make a normal paps in your abnormal, but the semen in your vagina can obscure the cells so that we can't get a good look.

So you are going to get an inaccurate report. I don't, honestly, if someone doesn't tell me that they had sex, I don't always know, and if you really have to do it, use a condom. Even if you don't need a contraception, because then you're not going to get the semen in vagina. What I'm hearing the doctor is have sex.

A lot. A lot.