Scented Panty Liners

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Here's our Jessica. You know what we're talking about down there. So, in order to stay fresh sometimes, I've been using Scented Panty Liners, are these okay to use? Well, that's actually an interesting one. Wearing scented panty liners, is that a problem or not? [SOUND] Its a mistake.

Why is it a mistake? I'll tell you why. The stuff that they use in the scent, it's an irritant. And just like a lot of women have problems with these vaginal perfumes and sprays and scented soaps, its the same thing. And sometimes it's so irritating especially if you're doing it every single day, that it mimics the symptoms of another infection, like the yeast infection.

You an get the redness, the irritation, itching even sometimes a discharge. So you don't want to do it, and I think the bigger issues, why do you need a Scented Panty Liner anyway? If you're using a panty liner, you really need need to figure out, is it because you have a chronic discharge? Is there an odor? Are you losing urine? But every once in a while, some women are just more comfortable and it's fine, just get the unscented ones.

Okay. So why do you wear scented liners, Jessica? Well, I got into the habit a few times and then I was like I like this so before my period comes and afterwards, I'll wear them and I got really used to them, but I figured I might abort. That's a good tip though. If you have to wear it because your smell was bothering you that's a clue in it self.

Big message today folks, if you don't have to know what's going on down there use your clue, because it's supposed to be okay what's going on down there. So ask the questions. If you feel that odor, if it's a bad odor you need to figure out why.