What Is the Pitta Skin Type in Ayurveda?

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Pitta skin type tends to be more reddish and hue and has more freckles and birth marks, and for pitta skin it's all about cooling it down, so they have a tendency to be more sensitive to the sun, they burn very easily, they have a tendency towards more inflammatory problems like rashes, acne, psoriasis so our recommendations for Pittas is cooling them down through their fluids, so eating watery, sweet fruits like melons, mangoes and pears directly improves the skin.

Also cooking with things like turmeric and using oils like coconut oil in the food itself, also helps to bring that temperature in the skin down and decrease inflammation. One of my favourite ways to treat Pitta is rose petal jam. You can just put a little on a toast, it's a delicious and extremely effective way of reducing inflammation in the skin.