What Is the Kapha Skin Type in Ayurveda?

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Kapha skin type is the luckiest in terms of aging because it tend to age the slowest and it's because they have excess fat in the skin, they tend to have more lustrous skin, and it's because of the amount of moisture that they naturally have in the skin that prevents the aging process, but kapha types have to be very, very be careful of the accumulation of toxins because they have more fat in the skin, the toxins tend to accumulate in those fat cells and there's much more difficult to remove.

So as long as Kapha reduces the amount of toxins, they are taking in and thus thinks to help prevent toxins from accumulating, they'll be just fine, but if they have too much in Kapha their skin too many toxins, there's a predisposition towards skin gross, skin eruptions, which are the deep cystic types of of pimples, as well as a grayish oily film that will actually make your skin look darker than it should.

So the way that we treat kapha is once again through the digestion, and whereas pitta cannot handle anything spicy, kapha can have as much spicy foods as they want. So chilies, black pepper, garlic, these should all be regular parts of a kapha's kitchen. The thing that they need to avoid in their foods is going to be heavy oily foods.

Because they all have a lot of that in their skin.