What Does My Family Need to Know About MS Treatments?

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Families for MS patients need to be ready to make changes themselves. My big philosophy to cure MS, is it's time to change. So let's look at all the places that we have to change. It is impossible to ask one person in the household to give up caffeine, to give up sodas, to give up processed food, to give up going to the burger joint down the street every night when everybody else in the family is doing it, and so this is really a time for everybody to roll up their sleeves and say alright so what does he or she need to do and how are we going to do that now as a family.

I also think it's really important not to get into this state where you are constantly planning for the worst and I don't mean not being aware of the future risks, but turn this around, turn it into something positive, if the whole family is constantly reminding them of what could happen in the future in terms of horrible outcomes that's only going to add to this sense of alienation and depression, and so this is a timefor an entire family to take inventory of what they are doing and come together stronger, and say we're going to do this, we're going to do it together.

It's just like when someone tries to lose weight right, in a household? Usually the whole household has to try to lose weight, it's the same thing for MS. When an MS patient is trying to make changes to get healthier, the household has to bond together to make those changes.