In Ayurvedic Medicine, What is Ama?

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Ama is the Ayurvedic term for toxins, and these toxins accumulate in our body as a result of poor diet, environmental toxins and especially from chronic stress. The belly fat in particular is a result of chronic stress and the result of cortisol levels being high in our body. What happens is these toxins accumulate in our fat cells and results in waking, and it's the worst type of waking because it's always the wake that's the hardest to get rid off.

Ama toxins get stored in two different ways, one way is a water soluble form and that's the type that you can typically get rid of when you're dieting, and changing your exercise routine to be more vigorous. It's the lipid soluble or the one that gets dissolved in fat cells in particular, that is the hardest to remove, and that is what we consider the exercise and diet resistant fat.