How Should Triphala Be Used As Part of a Weight-Loss Plan?

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If there is one herb that I would want every American to be on it would be Triphala because it is the easiest way to loose weight. Tripahala translates into three berries and it's made out of three supper berries the dried form of these three super berries and it's made into a powder which you can take then at night.

What Triphala does is it turns on all of your bodies natural fat fighting mechanisms and it's so simple to take, you can take it as a powder form, just in a little bit of warm water at night. The taste is kind of strong so not everybody is going to tolerate it. But as you are first beginning to use Triphala you can just take it in two tablets about an hour before bed time.

The three different berries in Triphala are Amalaki which is a natural anti-oxidant and helps to reduce inflammation in your body, it also helps to build lean muscles mass as well as control blood sugar and your body when it gets too much sugar it treats it like fat. So controlling sugar is a key component to actually maintaining low fat in your body.

The second berry is Haritaki and the key purpose of Haritaki is to remove toxins in the colon and the third berry, which is Bebe taki is excellent in removing fat and excess water in your body. Each of these are pretty powerful on their own, but you put the three together and you have the three musketeers of fat fighting.