How Can I Detoxify My Liver Naturally?

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It's really important to detox your liver in order to establish long term vitality. Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body, it removes the toxins from all of the other organs through the blood. So by removing toxins from the blood before it hits the liver, you're helping to take the load off of the liver.

A great way to do this is to incorporate dandelion greens into your diet. Dandelion greens are natural dialectic and they remove toxins from the blood so your liver doesn't have to do as much work. And now that people are taking so many medications which are often times metabolized in the liver, eating more fat in their diet and drinking alcohol, the liver needs a break.

A simple way to prepare the dandelion is just to steam it or saute it and have it as a side for dinner. Or you can substitute if for your salad or include it into the other greens that you are having already with your salad. Again I typically recommend doing this at diner time because that tends to be the meal that people are eating the most fat and often times accompanied with a glass of wine.

Another way to incorporate dandelions into your daily routine is juice it, and add it into your existing green juice. If you don't have a green juice just add some dandelions, some cucumbers, a little bit of apple, and that combination all together is fantastic for the liver. You can also get dandelion tea that you can sip throughout the day and they even have dandelion powder that you can use to replace your coffee.

Now this is a fantastic way to detox your liver because coffee actually tends to aggravate the liver, it gives it more work to do. So substituting your daily cup of coffee with a cup of dandelion coffee instead helps to remove something that's a negative to your liver, and instead you're adding something that helps you detoxify it.

There's two ways you can make it, you can either steep it in a coffee filter and then add about a cup of water for one to two tablespoons of dandelion powder. Or you can, if you want the richer and stronger taste you can just add some milk or coconut milk directly to about one tablespoon of the powder and drink it like that.