How Can I Detoxify My Digestive Tract Naturally?

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To detox your digestive tract naturally, you're gonna only need three very simple ingredients, lemon juice, ginger and sea salt. When you combine this combination, it increases your digestifier or as we call in ayuverdic medicine, Agni. When you increase this digestive fire and increase the metabolism in your gut.

It breaks down toxins, new as well as old. All you need to do is squeeze about half a cup of lemon juice, use half a tea spoon of sea salt and cut up a knob of ginger into thin one inch pieces. Combine the ingredient and you can store it for about a day before using the first one.

And take this one to two pieces of ginger before each meal, or if you want to keep it simple just take it before dinner. Dinner tends to be the biggest culprit when it comes to accumulation of digested toxins, because it's when your digestive fire is actually at it's lowest.