How Can Exercise Help Me Manage Multiple Sclerosis?

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Exercise is much more important then even I originally gave it credit for. There is the obvious things with exercise that, look you're in better shape, you have better stamina, you have better muscle tone, but there is all of these other benefits of exercise that we don't typically appreciate.

One is, it helps with bowel movements it helps with digestion. If you're having a hard time having a regular bowel movement, start a regular exercise for the meal you'll start noticing I'm digesting my food better, it's easier to go. It is wonderful for reducing stress because it helps you to release all of the feel good chemicals that we naturally can produce that don't have to come from a a bottle and it's instant.

You don't have to exercise for an hour to feel it. It's within the first five to 10 minutes you start feeling that boost, but exercise plays a particularly interesting role in multiple sclerosis, because there are some studies showing that it can actually help with cognitive function. Now this is kind of remarkable, because we don't typically look at what we're doing physically as somehow connected with how we're doing mentally.

But there's more studies coming out even outside of the MS literature, that is showing that exercise is one way to maintain vitality for your brain as well. So when you're exercising, you're not just exercising the body, there are parts of the brain that are actually getting exercised, and on top of that you're pumping blood, oxygen up to the brain. You're cleaning out toxins that accumulate in the brain as well.

The beauty of these studies is that, we're starting to put the body back with the mind and realizing that it's all housed in the same place.