How Can a Positive Attitude Help a Loved One with Multiple Sclerosis?

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When we think that a lot of family members tend to do when somebody is diagnosed with MS or actually anything, is they will look at worst case scenario. Especially looking at celebrities who've had the disease and would say, oh well you know so and so is now wheelchair bound, so and so can no longer do this, and instead of trying to look at all of the negative stories, I can tell from experience there is a surplus of positive stories. I see them. People who have climbed mountains, completed marathons, have lived healthy with MS for 20+ years. There are people who are who are instructing yoga who were once wheelchair bound, go out and look for the stories, look for something that you want to aim for, it's just like and anything you do right, if you start a business, you don't go to your partners, and say let's look for all the failed businesses, and follow them, right?

That doesn't make any sense, so why would you do that with your health? Say let me look for all the worst case scenario, and present them, to my family member. Look for the inspiration. Inspiration goes a long way in life. We use it to for almost everything else, we use it regularly for running a businesses.
Why not run your health, the way you would run a business? Say alright, let's get our team together, let's get a plan of action, and if something goes wrong, we deal with it, but we always keep our goal, we always keep our vision on what we want not on what we don't want.