Can Lifestyle Changes Improve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms?

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Well, the traditional thought is that they're not that important. We start patients on medications, and that has been the emphases in medicine. Now the problem is, even our MS medications are incomplete they don't give 100% resolution, there's a huge gap. We have about 30% improvement to maximum 60% improvement, that's still a large percentage that doesn't change. When you look at multiple Sclerosis you really need to look at the whole person.

Meaning, somebody who has MS and diabetes is really different from somebody who has MS and not diabetes. Their body is in a different place, and so taking care of the body as a whole, making sure that you are doing everything possible to reduce your risk for inflammatory conditions. Even if it's nothing more than I have MS, but I have really well controlled diabetes or have I MS and thyroid disease, but my thyroid condition is really well controlled. You are at least limiting how much those other conditions are affecting your multiple sclerosis.

Meaning you're not coming up to your doctors visit with 10 active symptoms. I feel fatigued. I have constipation. You can at least minimize it to just the MS symptoms. But it goes even further than that. Think about it. The brain isn't operating independent of the rest of the body. And so if you have a sick body, you're getting sick all the time, getting respiratory infections, urinary tract infections.

One of the causes of exacerbation in Multiple Sclerosis is an active infection. And so instead of waiting for somebody to get a urinary track infection, treating them with antibiotics, why not prevent it? Even if you can't say it impacts MS directly, meaning we haven't done the research yet. We just don't know if it's true or not.

We just simply haven't studied it. Evan if you can't say that, you can say that infections increased your risk of an exacerbation. So why not strengthen the body? Improve the immune system. Get them as healthy as possible, so that all of the other triggers, you know that is a stress is a trigger for an MS exacerbation.

So that all the other triggers are at least minimal in determining how they do in the long term.