Can Exercise and a Healthy Diet Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

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Exercise and a healthy diet in my opinion is critical to the management of Multiple Sclerosis, sometimes as neurologists we have this tendency to look at the brain independent from the rest of the body, but we know that there are conditions like Lupus or even diabetes that show changes in brain tissues, so the healthier the rest of the body is the healthier your brain health and for something like Multiple Sclerosis where often times it's affecting people in the prime of their life, the more that you do the greater you're able to bring this into balance and exercising we are starting to find out evening conditions like Alzheimer's disease is extremely beneficial.

One problem with Multiple Sclerosis is cognitive problems and so when you're exercising you're getting more oxygen up to the brain, you're getting rid of waste products, literally increasing the amount of blood flow going in and going out and so you're basically just helping the brain to be living in a clean healthy environment and there's not enough I can really say about diet and Multiple Sclerosis even if you make the argument that, we haven't done any studies to really show that diet change is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis, we know that it helps with constipation, we know that it helps with fatigue, we know that it helps with memory problems and so here all these things that most MS patients are facing that no longer need medications, so at the very least you're reducing your medication list from maybe six to eight medications treating all the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis down to just one medication for the actual treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.