Which Foods Are High In Vitamin K?

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Vitamin K is really important nutrient that keeps the liver functioning at optimal levels and it's important for certain functions like blood clotting in the body. Vitamin K is found in abundance in dark leafy green vegetables. The power house for Vitamin K is kale. Only one cup of kale has over 700% of the recommended amount which is just amazing when you think about it, but you can also source it from cored greens, arugula all these different greens you rotate them get into a combination.

But kale is one that I feel we don't always explore a salad but it's amazing to have it raw. What's so great it's really hardy so it will hold up the salad dressing to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin K in your diet, you can make a big kale salad and eat it the next day and it doesn't get soggy like other salads.

So just really experiment and play with the kale most different types of kale as well. Get only one cup is all you need to get that Vitamin K into your body.