Which Dietary Fats Are Good for My Skin?

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So I use the term beauty fats because certain fats can really nourish your skin and protect it keeping it moisturized from the inside out. And when I say beauty fat, I like to incorporate the fat in the whole form, the whole unprocessed form, so the whole seed, the whole nut. Some examples of great beauty fats are walnuts, which are the nut that contains the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids, to keep your cellular membrane fluid and flexible to get nourished, keep it form getting dry from the inside out.

Another great beauty fat is seeds in general, sunflower seeds. I love they're high in vitamin E, which is a fat soluble nutrient so the fat in the sunflower helps your body to utilize the vitamin E, and I also love sesame seeds, they're fantastic, they have a lot of protein which is great for your hair, which is 97% protein, it has a lot of different minerals as well it has calcium.

So you can have ground up nut butters you can try Tahini which is ground up sesame seeds. This helps you to control portion size because that way you are having the whole fat with the fiber intact, I find if you are just having oils all the time you can end up having too much oil, it's easy to pour oil into a salad and have it all disappear and what happens then is too much oil, even good oil, can become congestive.

So stick to the beauty fats in their whole form and you will start looking your best, and your skin will start looking amazing and nourished.