What Is Dulse?

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So dulse is something that you can find in the Asian section of health foods stores, and it's been traditionally consumed, not only in Asia, but also in Ireland and parts of Europe. And what dulse is, is a sea vegetable, it give a salty taste, a salty flavor to different dishes, but it's actually low in sodium, and high in potassium, which is fantastic because it helps to balance your electrolyte levels.

Anytime you're using salt, I like to blend it in pureed soups instead of adding straight salt, you can chop it up, you can put in different dishes, you can throw it in salads, and it's just a really great, again balanced food which will really help to reduce the appearance of under eye circles, because it helps to balance your electrolytes.

Sea vegetables such as dulse contain iodine which is fantastic for nourishing your thyroid as well.