What Are the Health Benefits of Iodine?

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Iodine is a really important element, it's actually not a vitamin or a mineral, although it's often confused to being either. It's a chemical element and it's important for thyroid health and keeping your thyroid functioning at optimal levels. Iodine is best sourced when the best source is sea vegetables.

Which are fantastic, obviously vegetables from the sea, but they're fantastic nutritious foods, they're very low in calories. Nowadays they're easy to find in either Asian markets or the Asians section of health food stores. And now is recommended daily amount for iodine is 150 micrograms a day, and in just 1 gram of certain sea vegetables, including Kombu and Kelp, you get 3 times recommended daily amount in just one gram.

So what you want to do with these sea vegetables, again they're pretty inexpensive, you can keep them at home, they come dried, soak them first right before you use them for maybe an hour or two just to soften them up, and you can cope with them. Iodine is not destroyed by heat, so you can definitely cook with it, put on stir fries, put in soup, put it on salads, it's actually delicious and will add interesting flavor to your dishes.