How Can I Make a Healthy Drink That Will Help Fight Wrinkles?

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A healthy drink to fight wrinkles is what I call my detox tea, and I recommend working this into your morning routine. First of all it's hydrating, and hydration is a really important component of smooth wrinkle free skin. So, before reaching straight for that coffee in the morning which is [xx] and it's dehydrating, have the detox tea first, and then you can move to the coffee later if you really need it.

Detox tea is simple, easy to make. You going to have to heat up some water over the stove, and you're going to peel some ginger and slice up some ginger about an inch and put it in the hot water. Heat it for about three minutes and then pour it into a coffee mug, stirring a little bit of cayenne pepper, some fresh lemon juice, and some [xx] to sweeten it, and what this going to do for your wrinkles is first of all the cayenne pepper and the ginger are warming spices.

Meaning they help increase air circulation they promote better digestion, and better digestion is really important for your skin, because it means faster removal of toxins which again betters skin and translates to fewer wrinkles, also the lemon juice adding fresh vitamin C right in the morning.

Vitamin C is used in topical drinks as well as food to help maintain and to produce cologens and to fight those wrinkles. So this is something very great so easy to make and have first thing in the morning, and work right towards that smoother no time.