Who Is at Risk for Menorrhagia?

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Because menorrhagia is caused by fibroids polyps kind of enlarged uteruses anything that can increase your chances of having those problems can cause menorrhagia. Fibroids are very common to African American society and often times when I see a patient who has fibroids chances are her mother or her sister had fibroids also.

The uterine lining grows by estrogen and if there's too much estrogen in your system that can cause a thickening endometrial lining and cause menorrhagia. Women who are overweight can also have problems with menorrhagia and the reason is because they have peripheral conversions of other hormones to estrogen like hormones.

There are hormones that normally dissolve usually can get changed in the peripheral fatty tissue to estrone and estrone can increase the uterine lining it can cause heavier bleeding.