What Is the Treatment for Endometriosis?

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The treatment for endometriosis is multifactorial. When I see a patient who has symptoms and what I think could be endometriosis, the first thing that I'll do is I'll put them on a low-dose birth control pill, and I'll probably put them on a cyclical manner so they'll still have their menstrual cycles.

If they then continue to still have pain with their cycles, then what I would do is I would consider diagnostic laparoscopy. At the time of diagnostic laparoscopy I would try to excise, or cauterize the endometrial implants, and get rid of the endometriosis, and get rid of the scar tissue, and that oftentimes will remedy the problem.

Some patients who have refractory endometriosis, it comes back after surgery, or it's so bad that you can't remove all at surgery, oftentimes those people will benefit from being on something called a GnRH agonist, a medicine called Lupron, which is the medicine that puts you into temporary menopause.

And by putting a woman in temporary menopause it will kill off the estrogen, and by killing off all the oestrogen in your body, it makes you quit menstruating, as well as oftentimes the endometriosis that grows by estrogen will stop growing.