What Is Considered a Heavy Period?

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Many women don't always know that what their menstrual cycle is considered heavy. It's the menstrual cycle they've always had and to them that's their norm, and just today I saw a patient whom we did a surgical treatment for her heavy menstrual cycles, but she always thought having a period for 7 to 10 days was normal, because she'd always have a period 7 to 10 days.

She always went through the entire box of tampons during that 7 to 10 day period, and it wasn't until she spoke to me that I said that's not normal. So many women just live with these problems and unless they speak with friends they don't always know that that's not normal. Heavy period is all subjective, what I always tell people is, if you're going through a tampon or a pad every hour that's abnormal and you should call me.

I believe if patients missed their cycles for more than five days and they go through more than a box of tampons in five days, that's abnormal.