Is There a Cure for Endometriosis?

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The cure for Endometriosis is usually a combination of sugery and/or hormonal therapy. Many patients can be treated for their Endometriosis and then go on to get pregnant and never have a problem again, and the theory is that when someone becomes pregnant, there is so much estrogen when someone is becoming pregnant that the estrogen kill off the Endometriosis.

We know Endometriosis grows by estrogen, and often times the analogy that I give to patients is, it's like giving your plants too much fertilizer. All that estrogen when you're pregnant, can kill off the Endometrial lining cells and usually the Endometriosis dies and many patients will say, Yeah, I had Endometriosis when I was younger, but now or after having my baby, I don't have any problems, and that's very common.