If I Go on Birth Control to Treat Endometriosis, Will That Affect My Ability to Get Pregnant Later?

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There's a lot of concern by patients and they've verbalized this concern to me often that I've been on birth control pills for so many years and I'm worried I'm not going to be able to get pregnant. I have a friend who was on birth control pills for years and she couldn't get pregnant.

The problem is, is often times people go on birth control pills for other reasons than birth control and a woman who has irregular cycles, who has pain with her cycles, she could have a problem and she goes on birth control pills which will affect that problem, but then she comes off birth control pills she now has her problem again.

Is it endometriosis? Is it that she is not ovulating? And those are reasons why they usually don't get pregnant. The birth control pill has no bearing on someone's fertility later on down the line when they decide they want to have children.