How Does Endometriosis Affect Fertility?

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Endometriosis is going to affect fertility because, the endometrio lining cells when they start growing in the pelvis it causes an inflammatory response and the inflammatory response in the pelvis can cause scaring. The analogy that I always give to patients is, that if you ever cut your knee or scrape your elbow, it's not uncommon that when your body starts to heal that that scab gets a little sticky, well then it sticks to your shirt, sticks on to your elbow, your pants [xx] knee.

The same thing happens [xx]. When your body is trying to fight up this endometriosis, it's not uncommon that scar tissue will be formed. That's one way that people have infertility with endometriosis. Another theory as to why people have infertility with endometriosis is the peritoneal fluid, you have fluid in your abdominal cavity at all times, that peritoneal fluid flows in and out around the intestine and in and out around the fallopian tubes.

And peritoneal fluid is full of inflammatory cells and white blood cells and things that are trying to kill off any infections or kill off endometriosis, as well often times they will kill off sperm, and by killing off sperms I think hematoids makes another reason that you will believe that endometriosis patients have a higher infertility..