What Are the Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks?

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Well, drinking energy drinks do work. They do increase your energy level, and they do work for the short term to achieve their effect of focus and alertness and reduced sleepiness, but it may be at a cost to your health because there can be side effects and they are just not studied well.

For example, caffeine in moderate doses does cause these energy boosting qualities that we discussed. However, the side effects can include insomnia jitteriness, rapid heart rate and even elevations of your blood pressure. So certainly if you have high blood pressure you should stay away from them.

The other cons is that the other ingredients that they contain, for example, sugar. Over the short term yes, it may give you a nice boost of energy but once your sugar levels drop, they really come crushing down and as a result you come crush as well. Not to mention it's a lot of.

The other constituents of energy drinks, for example, Guarana. That's just another word for caffeine. These are herbs that also contain a lot of caffeine so you may be thinking you are only getting 100 milligrams per serving but check the label, because if they have Garon in them that's more caffeine on top of it.