Vitamin D Dinner

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And this is actually a shocking revelation for a lot of folks. But you have a unique solution for Vitamin D the at dinner we should pick mushrooms. Yeah, I love this one, there are a wide variety of mushrooms that have vitamin D but they're also some that have extra vitamin D, they have a special process reader filled it with UV light at the end of the harvest.

What you'll see on the packaging for this particular mushrooms particular of this brand it will say vitamin D or UV light exposed on it. So for motor rays there're creminis, there're buttons, there're portebellos, have 400 units for simply three ounces. And it's such a versatile vegetable put it in your stir fry, put it in your stew or how I love it, I'm a pasta lover, in this pasta dish.

This recipe is in our book. It is a mushroom arti choke penny/g, and it's at 267 units of D, and it's only 350 calories. You're kidding me. Yeah. This is really good guys. Well the recipe alone is worth it. There's not a lot of species, plant or animal that can convert the sunlight to vitamin D.

Mushrooms are one of them. >>Yes.So they see a UV radiation towards the end, you can harness that from ground mushrooms they're making ready for it, take advantage of it. .