Is Wearing Underwear That's Too Tight Unhealthy?

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If you're wearing underwear that's too tight, it can create a few health issues because it's putting a lot of pressure on the abdomen. If you're wearing the high up and they're tight, this can press on your stomach and this can cause acid to re-flux into your esophagus causing heartburn.

It also can worsen stress incontinence so that if you leak urine when you cough or sneeze, this problem can get worse. Now if you wear them low and tight this can cause something called tingling thigh syndrome. This is a problem where the tight garment presses on the [xx] ligament and that presses on a nerve called the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve, a mouthful.

When that nerve is compressed, it irritates the skin along the thigh causing numbness or tingling on the thigh.