Can I Get Enough Vitamin D Through Exposure to Sunlight?

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The predominant way that we get Vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight the problem is however, that sunlight also causes skin cancer through the ultra violet rays, so there is a delicate balance that needs to be had so am not advising everyone to go out and sun bathe but in a controlled amount of sun exposure about 10-15 minutes per day on your arms and your legs which provide the greatest surface area, that can be a controlled way to get vitamin D, but after that 15 minutes, you must sun screen on to protect yourself from skin cancer.

And that's why I also recommend taking a supplement because that's not going to be possible if you live in a cooler climate during the winter time and also if you have the history of skin cancer, so you are not want to go to sun at all. So, I always recommend also taking the supplements..