Can Food Be Addictive?

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I don't believe that food can be addictive for many reasons. First as a registered dietician, I base all my decisions on science and presently the studies are not out there to show it. There is not enough conclusive information of studies that will point in that direction. The other thing I like to think about is, most times when there is an addiction, there is actually physiological withdrawals like there is with alcohol and there is with drugs, but if you take sugar away from a so called addict, I have never seen at least in my many many years of private practice, that they actually go through physiological withdrawals.

Think about it this way, we need food for survival. So is it really possible to be addicted to something that your body actually needs? When you really look at it, when it comes down to it, I have found, again in my years and years of practice, working with people, that is about behaviors, behaviors that they learn't or didn't learn, and also with a lot of emotional issues that might be coming up for a person, that might make them gravitate and overeat towards certain foods.