Which Foods Are Rich in Carbohydrates Besides Bread, Rice, and Pasta?

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With some really great choices for carbohydrates, you could always go back to nature, stick to the basics, vegetables and fruits, they are great source of carbohydrates, but there is also starch of carbohydrates that really fill your body when you just need more so if you're on a low carbohydrate diet or other kind of diets, [xx] diet and you need to feel like you need more energy, if you're feeling a little weak and you need something substantial some great choices, sweet potatoes, that is a great one it's got a lot of vitamins and minerals and it really fills your body.

This is a great choice after you work out. One of the best ways you can put fuel back acting your body after exercise is something like sweet potatoes, pumpkin is another great choice, that's a denser carbohydrate that's really going to give you that feel you need that another good one, this are natural ways, to get carbohydrates into your body that will give you more that fuel, but the basics, food vegetables, fruits, my favorite being barley because they don't have this much sugar as a lot as the other fruits, stick to this and you will do great of carbohydrates.