What Is the Paleo (or Caveman) Diet?

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Paleo is nutrition based on the idea that we should eat like a hunter-gatherer ancestors, because the foods that were available to them at that time really have a lot to do with our physiology today, because genes have only changed about 0.002% in about 40, 000 years. So believe or not, the foods that they ate, those were the foods that were best for their bodies.

So taking some tips, taking some hints from the hunter-gatherers and how they lived, make a big difference, we do have a nutritional blueprint, those foods that the hunter-gatherers ate really are good genetic match for us. They work well with our body. So what's a go, or what's a yes on the paleo diet? Lean meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and starchy vegetables are fine too, some non-starchy vegetables, starchy vegetables, fruits, fruits are definitely a go, some healthy fats, nuts and seeds.

There is also some paleo-pantry items, but that's the basic paleo template.