What Healthy Foods Should I Keep in My Kitchen for My Family?

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Well this is one of the most important things that you can do for your family always have in your home and the healthier fats, because those bad fats, those rancid fats they create inflammation and that's something that you don't want, so I always keep in my house all the coconuts fats and oils I love them.

Coconut oil what's so great is that you can really turn that up on the stove and the oil will not go rancid, it's got a really high smoke point, so this is a good thing there are so many pluses to coconut oil. It is an anti-microcobial, anti-fungal, it's great for skin care, it helps you lose weight, it's one of the best oils as I said to cook with.

So coconut oil is something that you will always find in my kitchen. There is also coconut flakes which are terrific, they are great to snack with, they are convenient, they offer you all the health benefits. Coconut milk, coconut milk, full fat coconut milk is another really great choice.

Eggs, eggs are one of the best proteins that you can get. they are great, what I call, your weekly cook-up, when you cook some things ahead of time, so you have some healthy food options during the week, eggs are a really great thing to always keep in your home. Another great choice collard greens, seems funny but collard greens are one of the healthiest vegetables you can get and you can use those to wrap all kind of food, all kind of meats and vegetables and anything you want, they make great grass because they are a hardier vegetable.

Cauliflower, cauliflower is really versatile, you can do all kinds of things with cauliflower cauliflower, and even make what we call cauliflower mash, or cauliflower rice for people who can't have protein, or for people who want to keep the carbohydrates down really low so those are some of the favorite foods that I have in my kitchen.