What Foods Are Included on a Paleo Plate?

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So if you wanna build a really fantastic Paleo Plate, what you wanna have in the center of the plate, you wanna have some protein. Some kind of protein, if you're gonna have meat, you wanna have in about the size of the palm of your hand. Some really healthy meat or healthy protein.

Around the rim of the plate, you wanna put about two different types of vegetables there, and then you wanna add some kind of healthy fat because the main state of the Paleo diet is protein. It's really great vegetables, and healthy fats, some nuts, some seeds, that is your basic meal.

So, you could have something like chicken, two types of vegetables, and you'd have sweet potato with a little pat of butter on there. We love raspberry butter, it's super healthy, it's got those conjugated little like acids in there which are so good for information, so really great.

There's all kind of, the world is opened up to you when you eat Paleo. There's so many choices, and the choices that you're making are the choices that are absolutely the healthiest in each food group, and that's why I love Paleo.