Is It Possible for My Mind to Help Me Fight Cancer?

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Yes your mind can absolutely help you fight cancer or any disease that your battling, and that is because there is documented mind body connection now, that is no longer up for debate science knows that your mind affects the inner chemistry of your body. So for example, if you are feeling things that thoughts or emotions that make you feel relaxed or at ease or happy or joyful.

The master glands in your brain are going to spew out flood of hormones and chemicals that flood your blood stream and then tell your cells what to do including your immune cells. So things like serotonin, relaxin and oxytocin are sent from your brain and that the glands in your brain all the way through your body and what they tell your immune system to do is turn on and start being active.

So it actually activates your white blood cells and your natural killer cells. These kinds of emotions and feelings will also increase the number of natural killer cells and white blood cells. So yes absolutely what you're thinking and feeling can help your immune system fight cancer and the opposite is also true if you're stuck in fight or flight response, or if you're stuck in stress or anger or anything that's really eliciting a fight or flight response your immune system does not work very well in the fight or flight response and that's just evolution.

When you are running from a tiger you're not supposed to be working on your pneumonia so your immune system doesn't turn on until you get out of that stress response. So it's very important to manage your stress whenever you're dealing with any illness. So one of the ways that radical remission survivors that I study use their mind to help their body is through a practice called visualization.

And that means picking an image that means something to you, whether it's popping your cancer cells like bubbles or like a friend of mine Valerie her [UNKNOWN] said she imagines herself as Tinker Bell spreading healing honey throughout her body, whatever the image is for you take some time every day to get quiet, close your eyes and imagine something happening to you cancer, that means something to you.

So imagine your cancer going away and it's helpful if you can think of a precise image but again it needs to be particular to you.