Can I Improve My Immune Cells to Fight Cancer?

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There are so many things you can do, to improve your immune cells to fight cancer. There are things you can do with your diet, so if you start eating a less inflammatory diet, that means reducing things like meat, wheat, sweets and dairy and eating a lot more of vegetables and fruits.

If you do that, you are going to take your internal tissues and you are going make them less inflamed, and we know scientifically that inflammation is a pre-cursor to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. So you can help your body and your immune cells if you can reduce the inflammation through your diet.

You can also help your immune cells by taking herbs and supplements that are appropriate for your body so some people might be really low on Vitamin D and their immune system might not work very well until that Vitamin D gets boosted up. For other people, they might need to take things out of their body, like heavy metals.

So they will take herbs and supplements to help remove those things. Because your immune system in order for it to work well, everything needs to be in the right balance. And then of course besides diet and herbs there's a whole range of mind body techniques that you can use to literally help your immune cells.

So there are fantastic studies out there that show that for example breast cancer patients who go through an eight week stress management course. At the end of it they will have increased their number of natural killer cells and their white blood cells. Another study showed that eight weeks for meditation for people who had never meditated before.

What that did at the end of the eight weeks is that it increased the telomeres on their genes of their immune cells. Now science doesn't know exactly what telomeres do, but we know that if you have longer telomeres your cells won't breakdown and of course cancer is a disease of cellular breakdown, so the longer your telomares the lower your chances of developing cancer.