Why Are Dreams Important?

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Dreams are important for surving as well as for thriving. There's dream cultures that would say, don't you ever wake up in the morning without remembering your dreams because your dreams are giving you insight about how to, what to do next and what's your next step regarding your body, your mind, your spirit.

So on a basic survival level, your dreams are helpful. Even helping you to rehearse for situations that are right around the corner. To help you be better at work, in your relationships, in very mundane ways. But then we've got the dreams that are more lofty and more incredible, so sometimes our greatest inventions have come through dreams.

We're all wearing clothes right now, I'm wearing clothes, I bet you are too. Did you know that the selling needle came to light because of a dream? And that started off the entire industrial revolution. So some of our greatest inventions, some of the best movies, music, things that have enhanced our lives have all come through dreams.

So you may be sleeping on your goldmine, your best idea maybe coming to your dreams tonight. So don't leave them on the pillow.