What Can I Do That Will Help Me Remember My Dreams?

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First thing you can do to remember your dreams is first recognize that's important to do so, that's number one. Second thing is, have something next to your night stand before you go to sleep, so set yourself up for success before you go to sleep, have your journal, have your iPhone, or whatever it is where you have you app or your journal before you go to sleep, and then go to sleep enjoy yourself.

The critical moment though is upon awakening. Most people leap out of bed so quickly to have their coffee, to get to their emails, that they forget their dreams, but instead stay in your sleep position, don't move a muscle, and while you're there, keep your eyes closed, have the very first question on your mind, what was I just dreaming about? Fall back into that dream as best as you can, and if you only recall even a snippet, that can still be an insight into how your health can improve, how your wealth can improve, how you can become a better version of yourself, and then you roll over and write it down, make it real, and if you do that then you will successfully cock your dream.