What Are the Health Benefits of Vitamin D3?

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So here's what we know about vitamin D3. We know that it increases antimicrobial peptides that help you to fight off viruses and bacteria. We also know that patients that are low in vitamin D seem to get sick more often, so vitamin D is one of those things that you should be taking consistently through the winter at least when we are not outside, we are not in the sun and the dose of that is about 2, 000 IU's per day.

So vitamin D3 can be not only used for cold and flu prevention, but we really are starting to link it to many other conditions. Inflammation seems to be reversed when you have higher vitamin D levels and we've seen this play a role in many different diseases including the chance of developing cancers, the chance of developing autoimmune diseases, and also for women's reproductive health and fertility. So vitamin D again, powerhouse supplement, but for cold and flu prevention everyone can take it.

For people that are suffering from some of those other diseases and are looking for remedies or strategies make sure you have your vitamin D level checked.