Can Quality Sleep Help Reduce the Signs of Aging?

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Certainly can reduce the signs of aging. You can test that very quickly by going without sleep for a day and see how you look the next day, you look older. So regular sleep, getting regular sleep every night, you look and feel much better, so acutely sleep are to you very badly, but chronic sleep deprivation is even worse.

Because I actually spent some time this morning looking this up, because I knew this was going to be a question that came up. There are a bunch of theories, most of them are probably wrong. The best one has to do with brain plasticity, and the fact that sleep has a time to restore some of the different activities that happen within the brain, but the best way that I would say to understand it is what happens when you don't sleep properly, Dr.

Oz mentioned that weight gain can be a big problem, but the loss of the immune system function as ultimately what causes people to die without sleep. You go without sleep long enough, you just die.