How Would a Vegan Diet Be Healthy for Me?

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Eating a vegan diet is so good for you in so many ways, starting off first from lowering your waist, so it's preventing and reversing obesity and all the problems that come out of obesity. So you loose weight several ways from eating a vegan diet, one of them is that its got a very high burn rate, so that means when you are eating vegan food for about three house after a meal you are burning 16% faster so your metabolism is amped up so that you don't have to do anything different than just eating a plant based meal.

The second thing is that you decrease your chances of getting cancer by 40%, heart disease by 50%, and type 2 diabetes by 60%, and in fact you can reverse your type 2 diabetes within a couple of weeks just by switching to a plant based vegan diet. Same for heart disease of course consulting your physicians that you can actually reverse your heart disease by switching from animal protein to a plant based diet very, very simple.