How Can a Plant-Based Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

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A plant-based diet helps you lose weight in a few ways. First of all, meat is a very concentrated source of fat and calories, so even a lean piece of skinless chicken which is about as lean as the meat as you can possibly get, is still getting 20% of the calories all from fat, and 29% of that is saturated fat which is bad for your heart.

So you want to stay way from that you want to lean towards plant-based proteins and that has got fiber so you're going to get the [xx], you're going to feel full from the protein, but you're also going to get fiber and that fills up your stomach, and there's no animal food actually that has fiber in it.

There's just no fiber in meat, or chicken, or fish or anything, no dairy, no eggs, no nothing. So you want to always opt for fiber when you're trying to lose weight.